We All Need Someone to Lean On

This week, I joined Feedly.com and followed a bunch of people in different categories of EdTech, Education, and Photography.  A couple of people I followed were for reasons that they posted blogs sharing ideas or plans that I could essentially use in the future. Some of the photography blogs that I followed were because they would give pointers on how to take a good photo and how to use certain editing programs, which helps me with my learning project.



The first Photography blog I followed was Light Stalking.

Light Stalking is all about sharing your photo and having it be critiqued and have others their opinions with you on how to add to your photos. I think this is a great idea and something I wanted to follow because I wanted to see what others had suggested to people. This will help me with learning and take photos within the next 7 weeks during the #LearningProject.

The second photography blog I followed was Lightroom Killer Tips.

Lightroom Killer Tips posts tips, videos and help with the program Lightroom. I thought that this was another great blog for me to follow because I need as much help with the program that I can get. I have tried using it before and got confused. I thought it might be nice to have somewhere to go when I needed help and teach me how to use the program properly.

The first EdTech blog I followed was Free Technology For Teachers.

Free Technology For Teachers shares different posts with different resources and ideas to use in the classroom. I thought this would be a great blog to follow because I think it would be a good thing to have someone who is sharing different ideas than the ones  I am learning in classes.

The second EdTech blog I followed was The Nerdy Teacher

The Nerdy Teacher blog posts about how to bring technology into the classroom and how to bring in new resources that have been created. I think this is a great blog to follow because I want to have new ideas always readily available for whenever I need them. Having a list of different resources I can use when I am a teacher will help keep the students engaged in their learning.

The education blog I followed was TED Education.

TED Education posts videos and lessons onto their YouTube channel. I thought this was a good blog to follow because it will help when I am a teacher for when I am teaching my students and want to show a video for further understandings of the topic.

I look forward to reading some posts that these “pages” share. When reading, I will write down different resources that are talked about so I can keep them on paper, as well as share them on my Twitter.

‘Who dares to Teach must never cease to Learn’

– John Cotton Dana


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