Online Safety for the New Generation

                             Photo Credit: Toolstotal Flickr via Compfight cc

In class, we had Alec Couros come and talk about the Internet, all sides of the internet. The good, like how it can be a resource for people to use, and the bad, like what is being posted for everyone to see. We learned about how generations now will have more photos of themselves posted online and how by the age of three, they know how to use electronics. In Michael Wesch’s An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube, he talks about how YouTube came to be and why it is as big as it is today. In the first Fifteen minutes of the video, he talks about how Youtube didn’t just have people reacting. It had people re-creating and sharing. For example, Wesch shows how the “Charlie Bit Me” video had become so big that people started to re-create the video and make their own versions of the video.

I think of what my classroom might be like when I become a teacher in a few years and I just sit and think, “What will the internet be like by then?” I know it is in 3 years, but a lot can change by then. Even now, I think back to when I was a kid and think of what it was like for me growing up. The way the kids would act and what they would do is so different from the kids now. I didn’t get my first phone until grade 8, kids have phones when they are 8. I wasn’t allowed a social media account until grade 8, kids have 3 social media accounts by the time they are 10. I think the internet has so much impact on kids lives that knowing how to use it and have it incorporated into the classroom is essential.

Photo Credit: solarbob99 Flickr via Compfight cc

I think this means for schools is that they are going to start going more tech-dependant. This means the funding for schools will have to go up. I think that having tech in schools opens up the students to different future job options. It opens a whole new world and allows for new oppertunities in learning. I think this is the way forward, whether we want it to be or not. The dissadvantages are that we are opening up a whole new world to everyone. How will they react? The internet is already used so much for bullying, how will it be used when we depend on the internet for everything? I believe that with every negatove reason, there is a positive. With the negative that could be uploading innappropriate things, but with the positive that could be teaching the studnets about internet safety.



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