Just Be Funky!

Photo Credit: fe2cruz Flickr via Compfight cc


This week I was able to figure out how to upload the videos I made with ScreenCast, thanks to YouTube. At first, I had asked in the Google+ community for EDTC 300 (Thank you everyone who helped!), but I was unable to find what was being suggested, so I took to YouTube and was able to find a video that walks you through the process of downloading the videos to your computer.



This week I also learned how to put text on top of an image. I tried following a video on YouTube and using Pixlr but found that it wasn’t working the way the video said it would. So instead I went back to BeFunky.

I find myself using BeFunky because it is easier to use and is self-explanatory. The free version of BeFunky has a lot of options to use, to begin with, but if I was to pursue photography in a more professional way, I could pay and get more filters. I find that BeFunky’s free version gives me everything that I need in order to edit the pictures perfectly.

When I first started to do the text, I found a video on youtube that showed one way to do it, like I had previously stated above, on Pixlr.  I was able to get to get to one part of the process and then the program stopped working the way it was supposed to. I got frustrated and basically stopped working with Pixlr. The video itself was very difficult to follow along with.  There was no talking in it and went way too fast. So after I stopped using Pixlr, I went to BeFunky and found the tab for adding text. I had to work at it and figure out how to create the look that I wanted, but eventually, I got it and just wanted to keep going.




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