Being a Cyber-Sleuthing Spy

Photo Credit: stefernie Flickr via Compfight cc

This week I partnered up with Samantha Johnson in my EDTC 300 class to do some cyber-sleuthing on one another. The task was to search one another up and see what information we could find on one another. I found not a lot on her, other then there is a Samantha Johnson who is a singer on America’s Got Talent. The information I found was very little, but after talking and showing her what I had found, she informed me her Facebook had two a’s in her first name. I tried that and found her instantly. I also found two twitter accounts, one that seemed like a personal account that hasn’t been used since 2010. Her other account was made this year, specifically for our class.

I found that Samantha is a 3rd-year student in the Elementary program at the University of Regina. She also works at Save-On-Foods. She was born February 11 and is from Regina, Saskatchewan. On her Facebook, I found that she is engaged to Eric and that her father’s name is Tracey. I think her twitter that she uses is more of a professional look at her life, rather than sharing more about her journey and who she is outside of the classroom. Her Facebook is very much the opposite. It seemed to have more of a personal feel, I didn’t see much of anything regarding education or profession topic of conversations happening. So I said she was neither an oversharer nor an under share. My suggestion for her would be to merge the two sides together, have a good personal and professional mix.

“People have diverse, rich lives that aren’t contained within a single idea or persona”

-Nicole Reed

I also read the article Having Multiple Online Identities is More Normal Than You Think by Nicole Reed, gives me more of an insight into why having different accounts isn’t always a bad thing. I personally have 3 Instagram accounts, 2 Twitter accounts, and 2 Facebook accounts. My Instagram accounts are used for my own personal photos (selfies and all), one for my Synchronized Swimming videos and photos and one for a class project in my first year of University. My twitter was used for personal interests, mainly because everyone had one, but I also have one for EDTC 300. My Facebook is for family and friends, but I also made a page for my EDTC 300 Learning Project.

Photo Credit: Bovee and Thill Flickr via Compfight cc

If I was an employer, I would consider hiring her. I find there isn’t a lot of information on her online and the future employer might find that suspicious. I think she should try and be more active online and share more. My advice in total would be to share more of you, rather than just material for class. Share your journey, whether that be through pictures or writing of the blogs.

“Different sites, different audience, different purpose”

– Nicole Reed

For myself, when I search me up, all of my social media accounts come up. After that, it is news articles from when I was a competitive swimmer. I think that all of these are okay because I don’t share things online that I wouldn’t want my future employer to see. In EDTC 300, we talked about why it would be a good idea to be online and that sharing things can be a good thing. This has made me think about who I am friends with online and in life. I think what they might post and whether I would want me to be associated with that online.


3 thoughts on “Being a Cyber-Sleuthing Spy

  1. maplebaxter says:

    I really liked the quotes you used too, good job on this post! I found that doing sleuthing on someone else’s digital identity made me think about my own, did you feel that way too?


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