“Code” Name

Photo Credit: Lester Public Library Flickr via Compfight cc

This week in EDTC 300, we learned how to code. We were then challenged to take some time to code a game, I used Hour of Code and created a Flappy Bird game. Learning to code was something interesting. At first, I was confused on why we learned how to, but after doing it, I saw the positives.

During my time, learning how to code the flappy game, it taught me how to make the bird fly, how to make the game end when the bird hits the ground, how to create what happens when the bird hits the tubes and add points. I learned also how to create a different background, icon, and tube. We then created the different combinations for the game to play.

Photo Credit: vapour trail Flickr via Compfight cc

So why is coding important? It teaches a different skill and allows for a different experience. This also allows for the students to be opened up to new job opportunities that students may not have known about.

Coding allows students to learn critical thinking, problem-solving and how to be creative. These are all different skills that students can learn through other forms, but coding allows for our students to have a different learning experience. Growing up, coding wasn’t something that was talked about or taught in schools, but in today’s society, technology is an important part of students lives. Coding in the classroom allows for variety in the learning.

 Photo Credit: rawpixel.com Flickr via Compfight cc


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