Let’s Get it Captured

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds Flickr via Compfight cc


Week Six. After six strong weeks of taking a leap into photography, I have come across some interesting photo ideas on my Instagram feed. It showed using your iPhone and using the Panorama effect to take photos. I decided to try it out, my best friend Aurora volunteering to be my model.

The first effect was to use it to make it look like there were multiple people in the photos, but in reality, it was just her.

I think this idea is cool because it allows you to get a different shot and you can really play around and have fun with this idea. I think having 5 is too much for one person, maybe if there were more people in the photo, it could be more interesting.

The next idea was to hold the camera sideways and move the pano up towards the sky. This would have worked better if we had a building behind her to create the look of a taller building.


I think these photos worked and it gave the photo a different look. It became more interesting. I liked the way it turned out. I plan on using this idea again, but with different scenery.

This week, I also got out and tried some photos based on the knowledge I gained from the book I borrowed from the library A Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book. I took some photos of my grandparents and my mom.





This week I also took a try at getting photos of my dog. Let me tell you, this is not an easy job. My dog doesn’t like to sit, or stay, or listen to me when I say to sit or stay. I got some good ones, after a few minutes.




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