What Others Have Helped Me Learn

For my final blog post, I am going to look back on what the others in EDTC 300 have helped me learn throughout the class.

Google+ Community: On the group, I had asked questions and was given answers to help me. I also replied to different posts that other students posted when I had the answers. Posting my questions, I was glad that there were different people that I could go to when I needed help. This helped because I was also able to gain knowledge from them.




WordPress: On WordPress, I was able to share my thoughts on prompts, giving to us in class. We would talk about different digital topics. Over the weeks, other students commented on the posts. The comments posted were advice given and what the reader thoughts were on my post. To every comment, I would reply, thanking them for their comment and answering any questions they asked.




Twitter: On Twitter, I was able to connect with different people to talk about the different topics. I had followed everyone in EDTC 300 and I even followed a couple of people I met from #SaskEdChat and #EDTC300Sum (that two of my fellow classmates hosted). These people posted great resources that I was able to then have. On Twitter, I also replied to other peoples tweets, and retweeting the ones I thought were useful.


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