This is the End

EDTC 300 has come to an end, which also means my learning project is also over. Being able to learn a skill that I have been wanting to understand and master and be able to share the journey online in a way that I never knew of. All photos were posted to my Facebook Page.

I had chosen to learn photography and editing because it has always been something that interested me. I wanted to get better at taking photos and start taking better-executed photos.

Prior to starting the learning project, I had very little knowledge of photography. In high school, I took a class to learn, but this time around, I was using a different camera. I have always been interested in taking photos, but I have never been into it as a hobby. I also could not edit photos at all.

Over the 7 weeks, I had gotten to do different photoshoots. I took photos at my cousin’s graduation, took night time photos, took real time/ in the moment photos. I tried camera hacks and tried out different editing studios online.

Some of the editing studios I used were Be Funky, Pixlr, Luminar, Lightroom, and Pic Monkey. The ones I used the most and liked the best were BeFunky and Pixlr. I took a look at PicMonkey, but didn’t want to have to pay to use. The other two were very confusing.

Over the last 7 weeks, I have learned and became better at my skill of taking photos and editing the photos.  I had people following my page and shared with everyone my progress. I don’t plan on stopping now that this class has ended. Photography is something that I feel like I could have a hobby in.


One thought on “This is the End

  1. Kyla Wolfe says:

    Wow Kelsey! What a great wrap up post to a very successful learning project! I’m so glad you are wanting to keep up with photography and editing! I hope you keep pushing yourself to try new things! Love all the pictures. The cool sky ones are my favourite though. Awesome job!


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