Mentoring – The Experience

This was one of my first times mentoring others – especially mentoring about technology. I thought overall, the experience was so worth it because I was able to communicate with others in the #EDTC300 class and I learned from them, but also was able to hopefully teach and provide some new insights for the 5 students that I mentored.

I decided to use the mentor log that Katia shared with us to track my interactions with each persons blog. ( I stuck to mentoring through blogs, but I also interacted on Twitter – not specifically with the 5 people I was “assigned”. Some challenges to trying to mentor through Twitter that I found, was that it was difficult to ensure that I was actually mentoring the “right people”. Other challenges that I found was that I personally wanted to make sure my comments were helpful and were not just a simple sentence. I also did not want to constantly repeat myself, but I was always so impressed and thankful for the resources they were all sharing that in the end, I always said “thank you for sharing …” that I felt like a broken record.

Like I previously mentioned, I really liked how mentoring some of those in EDTC 300, I was able to learn from others about things that weren’t necessarily connected to our EDTC 400 class, but also was stuff that was mentioned when I was in EDTC 300 two years ago. I also liked how I was always able to learn about a new resources/application that I could take and use in my own classroom. I also really enjoyed watching the process of the learning project for each of the people I mentored. That was one of the best projects I have done throughout university.

I feel like this process of mentoring another class would be really helpful while teaching, and especially when online. The ability to create a community to ask one another questions allowed for us to all get to know one another more and build our professional community further. Using Slack, I always knew that someone would be able to provide an answer relatively quickly and if I was in the mentee position, I would like to know that someone is there for me to ask for help and gain some guidance – and to have those tips and tricks and the guidance from someone who has already been in my position would provide me with some comfort. Knowing how I would feel, I tried to be there for the 5 mentees in any way possible – to the best of my ability.

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” — John Crosby

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