This is the End

EDTC 300 has come to an end, which also means my learning project is also over. Being able to learn a skill that I have been wanting to understand and master and be able to share the journey online in a way that I never knew of. All photos were posted to my Facebook Page.

I had chosen to learn photography and editing because it has always been something that interested me. I wanted to get better at taking photos and start taking better-executed photos.

Prior to starting the learning project, I had very little knowledge of photography. In high school, I took a class to learn, but this time around, I was using a different camera. I have always been interested in taking photos, but I have never been into it as a hobby. I also could not edit photos at all.

Over the 7 weeks, I had gotten to do different photoshoots. I took photos at my cousin’s graduation, took night time photos, took real time/ in the moment photos. I tried camera hacks and tried out different editing studios online.

Some of the editing studios I used were Be Funky, Pixlr, Luminar, Lightroom, and Pic Monkey. The ones I used the most and liked the best were BeFunky and Pixlr. I took a look at PicMonkey, but didn’t want to have to pay to use. The other two were very confusing.

Over the last 7 weeks, I have learned and became better at my skill of taking photos and editing the photos.  I had people following my page and shared with everyone my progress. I don’t plan on stopping now that this class has ended. Photography is something that I feel like I could have a hobby in.


Let’s Get it Captured

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds Flickr via Compfight cc


Week Six. After six strong weeks of taking a leap into photography, I have come across some interesting photo ideas on my Instagram feed. It showed using your iPhone and using the Panorama effect to take photos. I decided to try it out, my best friend Aurora volunteering to be my model.

The first effect was to use it to make it look like there were multiple people in the photos, but in reality, it was just her.

I think this idea is cool because it allows you to get a different shot and you can really play around and have fun with this idea. I think having 5 is too much for one person, maybe if there were more people in the photo, it could be more interesting.

The next idea was to hold the camera sideways and move the pano up towards the sky. This would have worked better if we had a building behind her to create the look of a taller building.


I think these photos worked and it gave the photo a different look. It became more interesting. I liked the way it turned out. I plan on using this idea again, but with different scenery.

This week, I also got out and tried some photos based on the knowledge I gained from the book I borrowed from the library A Beautiful Mess: Photo Idea Book. I took some photos of my grandparents and my mom.





This week I also took a try at getting photos of my dog. Let me tell you, this is not an easy job. My dog doesn’t like to sit, or stay, or listen to me when I say to sit or stay. I got some good ones, after a few minutes.



Week Five: Out in the Field

This week I was able to get back out there and take some photos. My cousin graduated this past Friday and I was able to learn how it was to take photos indoors, and with flash. This also allowed me to learn how to take photos without posing and being quick with a camera. I think I got genuine moments.



This week I also stopped by my local library just to see if there were any books that could help me with my project because I do know we are learning using the internet. I found a book that provided ideas for what types of photos I could take. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book by Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. This book helped me find different ideas and how to do it.

This week was a pretty interesting one. I am glad I had the opportunity to go out and take photos in real time, although many were blurry, I still think I was able to capture the emotion. I will take the photos that are blurry and edit them, to make them look like they are supposed to be blurry (which I will show in the next blog)

This week, in Estevan, we had a couple of days of rain. Every night it seemed there was a thunderstorm, which I am not complaining because I absolutely love storms. I took my brother outside just as the sun was setting and was able to get some pretty great shots, not particularly of him, but of the sky. These also helped me figure out how to get the camera in a good position for natural light. I found when I was lower to the ground the lighting was better, as well as when I faced the sunset. My brother wasn’t too happy about it, but in the end he’s a natural.

On my last week, I plan on going out and getting photos inspired by the book and really get more into a different type of edit for the photos.


Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, each day can end beautifully
-Kristen Butler






Just Be Funky!

Photo Credit: fe2cruz Flickr via Compfight cc


This week I was able to figure out how to upload the videos I made with ScreenCast, thanks to YouTube. At first, I had asked in the Google+ community for EDTC 300 (Thank you everyone who helped!), but I was unable to find what was being suggested, so I took to YouTube and was able to find a video that walks you through the process of downloading the videos to your computer.



This week I also learned how to put text on top of an image. I tried following a video on YouTube and using Pixlr but found that it wasn’t working the way the video said it would. So instead I went back to BeFunky.

I find myself using BeFunky because it is easier to use and is self-explanatory. The free version of BeFunky has a lot of options to use, to begin with, but if I was to pursue photography in a more professional way, I could pay and get more filters. I find that BeFunky’s free version gives me everything that I need in order to edit the pictures perfectly.

When I first started to do the text, I found a video on youtube that showed one way to do it, like I had previously stated above, on Pixlr.  I was able to get to get to one part of the process and then the program stopped working the way it was supposed to. I got frustrated and basically stopped working with Pixlr. The video itself was very difficult to follow along with.  There was no talking in it and went way too fast. So after I stopped using Pixlr, I went to BeFunky and found the tab for adding text. I had to work at it and figure out how to create the look that I wanted, but eventually, I got it and just wanted to keep going.



Editing Like a Pro

This week I ended up having surgery on my foot so I was not able to go out and take photos. I ended up focusing more on the editing aspect of things. I was able to try out a new editing program and used youtube to find a video to follow. I tried Screencastify out as well this week and was able to make a video showing a step by step video on how to do this particular edit.

Below is the video I used to follow along with. I had issues uploading my version of the video, so I will attach it to my next Learning Project post.


I tried with different photos, just to see what I liked and what worked. In the video above, you can see what happens, but basically, I had to duplicate the photos so they were layered then put the saturation down all the way. I then used the eraser to get rid of the grey of where I wanted the color to come through. Some turned out great, like the first three. Thet last photo is something I did not like. I think if I had left her in color and had everything else in the grey it would have been better.


I had posted some of these photos on my facebook page. Check it out!

Learning Project: Another Week. Another Lesson.

This week I was able to take photos all weekend, thanks to the long weekend being among us. I was able to go out and take photos at my cousin’s Grad celebration and as well I got to take of a friend. I was able to post these on my Facebook page to share with family and friends, go give it a like!

During my cousin’s Grad celebration, I was able to get photos of my family. We have never just had someone walk around and get photos of everyone, and for me to be able to use a place where I could have people pose in different areas, it was a very different experience for me. My brother and I walked around and just found different things we could take pictures of. I even allowed him to take the camera for a few minutes just to see what his ideas were.


My cousin’s Grad celebration was out on my Great-Grandparents farm, which gave me a new place to get artistic photos. The farm allowed for so many different photos for different people. I was able to get great photos for Brooklynn and my Auntie. She graduates June 8, and I was glad to get some shots of her before that when everyone was around.

I was also able to get photos for my friend Ashley. Ashley is also Graduating this year. I was able to take her out to the Water Treatment Plant in Estevan, where the bridge is located and we were able to get some good photos. We also headed down to the river, which is in Woodlawn. The weather worked for us, other than the wind.


With Editing, I did not edit very many photos, but the ones I did edit, I had used BeFunky Photo Editor. BeFunky is a free editor I found online where I can do a lot of editing for free, but if I was to pay for I could have more options.

Learning Project : This is Just the Beginning!

For EDTC 300, I decided to learn how to do photography, both taking photos and how to edit them. I have taken a class in 10th grade, but it seemed like it was a long time ago and I wanted to learn more.

I have decided that I will show my photos on Facebook, creating a page and sharing photos there, that way everyone will be able to see. Please go follow and like!

Today, I actually found myself needing the internet to help me, as I had a very hard time figuring out how to upload photos to my computer. I had found a video that showed me step by step.

Today I decided to go out and take photos without doing much research or learning just to get a starting point and so I can track my progress. My overall plan is to be taking new photos every week. I plan on talking to a local buisness owner who my family knows and ask about editing programs he uses when he takes photos.