Learning Project : This is Just the Beginning!

For EDTC 300, I decided to learn how to do photography, both taking photos and how to edit them. I have taken a class in 10th grade, but it seemed like it was a long time ago and I wanted to learn more.

I have decided that I will show my photos on Facebook, creating a page and sharing photos there, that way everyone will be able to see. Please go follow and like!

Today, I actually found myself needing the internet to help me, as I had a very hard time figuring out how to upload photos to my computer. I had found a video that showed me step by step.

Today I decided to go out and take photos without doing much research or learning just to get a starting point and so I can track my progress. My overall plan is to be taking new photos every week. I plan on talking to a local buisness owner who my family knows and ask about editing programs he uses when he takes photos.