Education Student Society

The Education Students’ Society is a University of Regina faculty representative society. The belief of the society is to be the voice of the education students to the faculty, Students Union, Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation and associated campuses. The ESS represents approximately 1500 students and is intended to organized professional development events, STF events, social gatherings, maintain the lounge, organized project connect, and continue to organize a mentorship program.

Since moving to Regina in the 2017-2018 school year, I had joined the Education Student Society at the University of Regina. I was able to get involved in a group and help plan events for the other students. Some events I was able to get really involved in were the Education Gala in the spring and a pancake breakfast on Valentines Day.

2017-2018: Project Connect Representative

– Held an evening of games for grade 6-8

2018-2019: Project Connect Director

  • helped during Welcome Week, ESS Haunted House, and ESS Escape Room
‘The whole purpose of Education is to turn MIRRORS into WINDOWS’

– Sydney J. Harris